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Hello to all motorcycle enthusiasts! Today we want to tell you the story of the Triumph Bonneville and its incredible modifications!

We knew we wanted something truly unique and customized, so we set out to transform this bike into something truly special.

The first thing we did was replace the original fork with an upside down fork. The new suspension system not only performs better but gives the bike a much more aggressive look.

We then decided to replace the original 19-inch front rim with a 17-inch rim and a 130 TKC80 tyre. This modification made the bike much more manageable and suitable for off-road use.

We also installed a headlight of our own production with integrated instrumentation and replaced the original handlebar with a new one, also adding mirrors to it. The result was a more modern and personalized look, without sacrificing the vintage style of the bike.

But we were still not satisfied! We decided to fit a front and rear mudguard kit and add Ohlins rear suspension to improve the ride in all conditions.

But the most important change we made was the creation and assembly of a handcrafted exhaust. This not only improved the performance of the bike, but also added a unique sound that won't go unnoticed!

To complete the look, we mounted a rear light of our own production and painted the bike with a vintage brushed effect. The result was a Triumph Bonneville that looks like it came straight out of a dream!

We're happy to have made these changes to the bike and can't wait to take it out for a spin! I hope this story has inspired you to customize your bike and make sure it truly reflects your personality!

It was a labor of love and we poured our hearts into every step of the process, we worked tirelessly to create a true masterpiece.

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