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Welcome to our blog dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts! Today we will tell you the story of a Triumph Bonneville T120, which has undergone a series of custom modifications, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind motorcycle. We are excited to share with you the transformation process that involved various components of our MDC Line.

Get ready to discover how these modifications have given style and power to this exciting motorcycle.

One of the first changes made to this Triumph Bonneville was the installation of the Shorty Fender Kit and Grid Light, which not only gives a unique look to the bike, but also improves visibility when riding at night. Additionally, we see our fully handcrafted Alti exhausts, which not only deliver a more powerful sound, but also contribute to the T120's custom aesthetic, making it a true scrambler!

To protect the engine and underside of the bike from rocks and debris, a custom stone guard was installed. This modification not only provides greater protection, but also gives a rugged look to the bike. Furthermore, the rear fender has been replaced with a slimmer model that accentuates the aesthetics and reduces the accumulation of dirt and mud when traveling on rough roads.

License plate holder and rear shock absorbers; To give a clean and minimalist look to the rear of the bike, a simple license plate holder was installed. This modification not only adds a touch of elegance, but also reduces bulk at the rear of the bike. Furthermore, the rear shock absorbers have been replaced with an improved “Bitubo” model which offer greater stability and steering precision, improving the driving experience on winding roads.

Chain Guard Finally, a chain guard has been added to protect the drive chain and ensure efficient operation. This modification not only helps protect the bike, but also adds a touch of style and customization.

Modifying this Triumph Bonneville T120 was an exciting experience, where every detail was carefully chosen to express style and power on the road. From the installation of the customized headlight to the powerful exhausts, from the stone guard to the replacement of the fenders, from the license plate holder to the shock absorbers and the chain guard and as a final touch, the painting cannot be missing, we have chosen a total matt black bodywork, with a glossy finish, which gives the bike an even more aggressive and elegant appearance;

Every modification has contributed to making this bike one of a kind. Whether you're passionate about power or style, this customized Triumph T120 will capture attention and provide an unforgettable riding experience.

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