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Welcome to our blog dedicated to motorcycle lovers! Today we will tell you the story of a Triumph Bonneville that has undergone a series of custom modifications that have transformed it into a one-of-a-kind motorcycle. We are excited to share with you the transformation process that involved the yellow light, stone guard, handlebars, exhausts, rear shock absorbers, mudguards and handmade side bags. Get ready to discover how these modifications have given character and style to this iconic motorcycle.

Yellow Light and Stone Guard, One of the first modifications made to this Triumph Bonneville was the installation of a yellow light, which not only accentuates the retro style of the bike, but also improves its visibility while riding. Additionally, a stone guard has been added to protect the engine and underside of the bike from rocks and debris, providing greater peace of mind during road adventures.

Handlebars and Exhausts To improve comfort and ergonomics, a new handlebar has been installed which offers a more relaxed and controlled riding position. This modification allows the rider to enjoy a comfortable posture during long journeys, without compromising the classic style of the Bonneville. The exhausts have been replaced with models that not only offer a more powerful and unique sound, but also contribute to the customized aesthetics of the bike.

Shock Absorbers and Mudguards; The original rear suspension has been replaced with an improved version that offers greater stability and precision while driving. This upgrade provides better shock absorption and superior handling on winding roads. The fenders have been replaced with slimmer models that give a touch of elegance to the bike, as well as protecting from unwanted splashes and mud.

Handmade Side Bags To increase the load capacity and give a classic look to the motorcycle, handcrafted side bags have been added. These bags not only offer extra space to carry personal items or luggage while travelling, but also add a touch of authenticity and craftsmanship to the Triumph Bonneville.

Customizing this Triumph Bonneville was a unique experience, where every detail was carefully chosen to express style and character on the road. From the addition of the yellow light to the stone guard, from the new handlebars to the powerful exhausts, from the rear suspension, to the elegant fenders and the handmade side bags, every modification has contributed to making this

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